Long Valley Basketball Association

Travel Program

The purpose of the LVBA travel basketball program is to give advanced players the opportunity to play basketball at a higher level in order to develop their basketball skills and knowledge of the game. There will be one travel basketball team for each grade (4th-8th) for each gender.

 Head Coach candidates must fill out and submit a formal application to be considered for this position

Travel Tryout - Dates Announced!

Here is all you need to know about the tryouts:

  1. The dates for each tryout can be found by clicking on "Travel Tryout Dates" below
  2. This year we are asking all perspective travel payers to preregister prior to tryouts. Your registration will cover your child under the league’s insurance during tryouts and allow us to have a more efficient check in process
  3. If your child is not selected for the travel team, your child will be registered for the recreation basketball program. If you prefer not to play rec, you may request a full refund by November 1