Covid-19 - Information

As we are seeing notification of increased cases of COVID-19 in the general area, we would like to ask our families to once again remain vigilant to ensure the overall continuity of the program throughout the season.

We would like to remind our families of the following minimal guidelines with respect to practice and games:

  • If your child has a temperature over 100 degrees, they should not attend
  • If your child feels sick or has any symptoms of COVID-19, they should not attend
  • Mask should be worn into and out of the gyms, however no masks are required during play
  • If your child has had close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, they should not attend and the following rules should be applied.
    • Please follow all guidance from local officials with regard to quarantine.  This includes their guidance regarding individuals that have already been COVID positive, vaccinated or any other categories of individuals. 
    • Those directed to quarantine we ask that you follow the New Jersey COVID return to play rules and
      • Non- Vaccinated
        • Quarantine for 10 days prior to returning to play on the 11th day
        • Quarantine for 7 day - returning to play on the 8th day, after a negative COVID test is received.  The COVID test must be taken on the 5 - 7 day after being considered a close contact.  (See link below)
      • Fully Vaccinated (An individual is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their second COVID jab)
        •  Should be tested 3-5 days after exposure  but as long as they remain asymptomatic, can continue to participate in youth sports.  
      • Please note that these are personal choices, each family should make the decision that is best for themselves, however we ask that you communicate your status to the coaches early so that game and practice preparations can be made.
      • These rules have been provide to us by the Washington Township Health Department.  

The club will continue to coordinate closely with public health officials and follow CDC, state, and local health department guidance in order to ensure the health and safety of our club members.  By continuing to follow the simple guidelines indicated above, you can be a tremendous help in ensuring a season with as little disruption as possible.