Long Valley Wolfpack Travel Basketball Program

8th Grade Boys Celebrate a Final Four Victory with fans.
8th Grade Boys Celebrate a Final Four Victory with fans.

About the Travel Program

Grades 3-8 boys and girls play in the highly competitive Jersey Basketball League. This is the largest youth basketball league in the state. Tryouts are usually held in October and practices begin in November.

Goals of the Travel Program

While the ultimate goal at each level is player development; teams plays to win. The Long Valley travel program hopes to build the next group of varsity basketball players by the time each team graduates middle school.


There will be one team for each grade level (4th-8th) for each gender. Teams will be selected during an open tryout period. All Long Valley players are welcome to try out for their grade level team. Players must be residents of Long Valley.

Playing Time

Travel coaches follow the rules established by the Jersey Basketball League. 4th and 5th grade boys and girls have mandatory substitutions in the first and second quarters of the game. Grades 6-8 have free substitutions the entire game. Coaches will look to put players in positions to be successful on the court with the goal of winning the game. It is important to understand that outside of the minimums established by the JBL in grades 4 and 5, playing time is at the discretion of the coach.


Each team will play 16 games in the JBL (or 14 depending on their division) along with practices each week unless. For teams that qualify, additional games will be added for the JBL playoffs after the regular season. Coaches might add additional games as their schedule permits. Teams might opt to play in different holiday tournaments during the winter season as well. Teams will likely play over 20 games. Teams will also have about two 1-2 hour practices a week. Please note that games and practices can be impacted by inclement weather and gym availability.


The Long Valley travel basketball program is one of the best deals in town in terms of cost and what is provided. When parents register their player, they will be assessed a $125 initial fee. This fee is used by the Long Valley Basketball Association to pay for building use, JBL fees, and insurance premiums. After teams are announced, coaches will determine costs for their team, divide the amount equally among the players, and parents will give the payment directly to the coach. Depending on different activities, tournaments, and uniform costs, each team might charge between $200-$450 a player. This amount will also be used by coaches to pay officiating fees for all games during the season. Amounts charged by teams can vary and this is provided only as an estimate. Final cost will depend on the activities each team participates in along with other needs like uniforms.


New head coach candidates must fill out and submit an application to be considered for this position. Applications will be reviewed by the Long Valley Basketball Board.

Tryout Information

Tryouts will be held starting Monday, October 2, 2023. Each level will have tryouts on different days. Please use this schedule to determine which days your child's team is hosting tryouts.

  • Players looking to tryout for the travel program must preregister prior to tryouts. Registration covers the player under the league's insurance policy during tryouts. Registration also helps the organization plan a successful event.
  • If your child is not selected for the travel program, they will be automatically registered for the recreation basketball program. If the child decides to not play recreation, a request for a full refund by November 1 of the registration fee will be honored.