Clinic and Recreation

Clinic (Grades 1-2), Recreation (Grades 3-8), High School Recreation (Grades 9-12)

The Long Valley Recreation Basketball Clinic is designed for first and second graders where they can learn the fundamental skills of the game in a fun, instructional setting.

The Clinic will introduce the rules of the game, build overall motor skills, dribbling, shooting, passing and defensive basics.  Team concepts will also be introduced.

The goal of the clinic is to promote a love of the game and teach through group drill work, along with controlled scrimmages.  The Clinic will meet one time per week on Saturday.

Recreation is for boys and girls in grades 3-8. Teams will be divided based on enrollment. Usually there will be one practice on a weekday and games on Saturdays.

High school recreation is for high school students looking to play competitively in a fun environment. Games are held on Sundays at West Morris Central High School. Both boys and girls are eligible to enroll. Teams will be created based on enrollment.